Welcome! Go Global Recruiting is a recruiting platform to help you, the college coaches, reach talent all over the world with the resources and information needed to make well-informed recruiting decisions for your program.

Rachel Galligan is the Founder of Go Global Recruiting. A former D1 stand-out, Hall of Famer, professional basketball player and collegiate coach, she built her resume by recruiting extensively overseas and building countless relationships and connections all over the world.

“I fell in love with the idea of helping young ladies all over the globe fulfill a dream of furthering their education and playing in the states. I dove into it as a young assistant, travelling all over the world recruiting some of the top talent. I realized there was so much more to do, so many more I could reach, so many questions I could help answer and I want to help as many young ladies and programs as I can.”

Rachel and Daniel connected in 2014 while Rachel was still coaching collegiate basketball and diving into the international scene in Spain. As time went on, both realized there was a shared vision of helping to connect players all over the globe to the idea of earning a scholarship and compete at the next level. Daniel or "Dani" as many like to call him, has helped hundreds of families and players get recruited.



 Daniel Montoliu - Partner